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Wk 11 – my last post y’allll :(

25 May

Sorry everyone, I’ve been so busy with my assessments I havn’t been blogging recently.. 😥 I’LL MAKE IT UP TO YOU GUYS. I PROMISE. —–<-@ here you go, please accept this flower? 🙂

So this is our second last lecture and I’m really going to miss blogging to everyone. Maybe no-one at all ever read this 😦 But hey! You know what, it’s published and I really like wanted to help you guys 🙂 One day, maybe someone will appreciate my GENEROSITY! haha I’m kidddding! I really am happy and grateful if anyone’s been reading this (including you Adam!).

I really don’t know if any of my work made sense, but this blog really was about my interpretations of each lecture and expressing it in an easy form online. It’s my publishing and well oh my gawd I’m proud to say I made it all myself. YEAHH BABBY.

So like everyone lets sum up week 11 easy peezy style! Good luck for week 12 but ive got too many assignments and sRZZLLY cannot do it!



But just for you guys ❤ here it is again.

  • Distribution is like breathing out
  • Aggregation is like breathing in

Inhale, exhale! Think of aggregating as collecting things together, you know how we collect music from our distributors etc. Now everyone remember this definition: Gathering, combining or bringing ANYTHING that can be DISTRIBUTED into a NEW RELATIONSHIP or a WHOLE.

So why is this relevant to publishing again? Firstly because he said so haha, but also its like all about the way we like interact with publishing. I mean traditionally broadcasters and such were the ones distributing and we were like the aggregators, collecting in all the information we can. How simple minded we were aye!!! Well NOW TIMES ARE A CHANGING mmhmm. And we’ve proliferated the need for distribution and aggregation (increased needs for both because we are always searching for more and more, it’s in our blooood to love this stuff)

I love the analogy used in the lecturers to describe this relationship “we are hunters and gatherers’. I guess they’re trying to say its our ‘animal instinct’. Geez way to make us sound so primitive but it’s still a daaaang good analogy. 😛

So with this increased distributing and aggregating, everythings more complex, more relational, and theirs ongoing changes to modes of distributing and aggregating. ongoing. Because fundamentally we are always changing and technology brings change.

Another way we looked at it was how in the past, the focus was on content and it’s quality. Now look at us! The focus is on meta-technology and ways to leverage content through distrib and aggreg methods. Ouch, no wonder quality’s so bad these days. Sometimes I think I’m reading s** on the news! golllyyy. 😡

So guys you should check out the readings too but kickstarter was such an awessssoooome way to see a contemporary form of publishing. Really increased aggregating and distributing means we now share files, we upload, they upload, its a mixed community of helpers and givers. 🙂 I like it. Working together and creating harmony and equality for alll!!!

Anyways I hope you guys go okay in week 12, sorry I missed week 10 too. I love you guys like soo much. Please don’t be a hater and hate my blog but understand I just wanna help. ❤ PEACEEEE MWAH xxxxoxooxxoox