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15 Apr

Hello friends and pumped individuals 🙂 I’m so happy to be blogging again, once a week just isn’t enough! (I don’t want to get you guys sick of me hehe)

So, guys, remember like last week how I was talking about how some people go crazy with over personalising and playing with archives? well in today’s lecture it was clearllly pointed out it was ARCHIVE FEVER. (baby baby baby oooh like babeeh haha sorry couldnt help it :\)

People go totally cray cray over archives! And apparently they ‘rework’ experience. What does that mean? Well I guess theyre trying to say the wayyyys we archive shape our culture. You know, our experiences in life. For example like instagram I mentioned last week, we are obsessed. And the thing is, this obsession is changing the event itself into a new meaning…Think about it. At your dinner table with friends, everyones taking photos of the food. Is this still hanging out or some photo taking club??? It’s lost some meaning in the value of the food compared to how pretty it’ll look on instagram…Maybe even the value of the friend is gone 😦 me… 😥

SO please be careful about archive fever. It’s good because it conserves and I mean I love it still. Organises my life man. But please don’t be destructive with it…even though maybe…it’s inevitable….. :O

Gabby xxoxoxo mwah! PS. INFOTENTION. Just got to bring up that word 🙂