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Making the invisible visible

4 May

Well hello beautiful people! It’s a great day today and I’m super duper excited to be posting you today. ESPECIALLYY because this topic was soooo AWESOME! I mean, it wasn’t content heavy, and we got to see a lot of examples of visualisations. (yayyyY!)

Now, ‘visualisations’, seems pretty obvious what its about, you know those pictures and pretty images or moving images that show data. But REALITY was that they are more important and functional than that! yes they really are!!!!

Visualisations ARE the persuasive factor. They ARE the influencer and more surprisingly, they ARE the filterer of making the ‘unknown, known’.

And honestly, for me, I had no idea how invisible data was and how much of an effect like visualisations made. Like personally, when I think of ‘data’ I IMMEDIATELY imagine a table filled with data. But little did I realise, I’ve already created a visualisation. That data was invisible but I made it visible. Weird how we assume phenomena without consciously being aware of what our smart brains actually created aye? 😉

Also another interesting point from the lectures Id like to highlight! Well, its how visualisations are linked to archive fever. We really like to organise data and visualisations are another way of doing so. As the lecturer pointed out, like, in today’s modern age of web 3.0 and what not, we’re even using visualisations to plot our own lives rather than the more traditional climate forecasts or ‘historic events’ etc. What I’m trying to point out is that this ‘filtering’ system through visualisations are showing what is important to our lives, and what WE BELIEVE is important. For example, in the past, you could say visualisations were more like Florence Nightingale’s, relevant to significant global issues or phenomena. Now, we’ve got visualisations on dietary habits and food consumption. Like that one I saw on the internet, showing 200 kl of food intake compared across different foods. A 50g peanut butter slice had 200kl compared to broccoli which was like 300g! CRAAAZY! Well I guess kind of expected, but the visualisation reallllyyyy brings it out. It looks crazy, and see, thats the effect of powerful visualisations. BAM.

So guys I dont want to have to keep bringing in all these random points butttt I hope I don’t sound off tangent! It really all does relate! Well visualisations thus structure new relationships i.e. bringing different data together to form a visual that shows new data. Example? Well heights of dogs and what type of food they eat. Let’s say I found all that data, put it in a graph, and VOILAA THERE’S A RELATIONSHIP! The taller they are the more meat they eat. Now, let me just add, this is entireeellylyyy theoretical haha! Who knows if this is true!:)

But this new discovery of patterns is really what visualisations highlight, and that’s why they;re so important! If we could already see the pattern, what’s the point of a visualisation! Each visualisation strives to show something that would be different to what another visualisation would show, a different pattern or abstraction. Who knows:) And you know what this can only lead to changes. CHANGES in identity, CHANGES in management of health, CHANGES in perspective of healthy and unhealthy food, I love visualisations!!



23 Mar

Welcome to 3rd week girlls!

(and maybe guys?;)

Congrats for makin it this far and using your noggin’s to good use! SO proud of y’all!! clappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclapping

So keep your thinking caps on as we take a deeper look into the history of print from this weeks lecture! (Sure it sounds borinngg, but, it was absolutely EPIC.)

The thing with printing, was that it kinda evolved so fast..like BOOM. From block printing in China, to scrolls (yes, SCROLLS!), bookshelves, codex (which is like the inclusion of contents and chapters and stuff), to ereaders and web3.0! It’s changed so much from the simplicity of writing and it’s hard to believe some cultures would still use the same block printing. When I went to India, henna, a red paste tattoo ink, was either done through block print or by hand. This just goes to show how significant and useful each printing form brought to life and it’s continued significance to our post-modern lives!! You’d think they’d have become obsolete 😉

Remember back in those days when we didn’t own a printer? Well that was probably when I was a baby and didn’t need one haha. But I still remember my first assignments in year 4 (i guess 2003) and the library was the still main source for ‘reliable’ references. I would take my mummy, drive to the local library, and find as many books as I could on my topic. It was tedious to go there but you know, there were some benefits compared to today’s easy access internet browsing! And in some ways, the past advances in printing have led to more confusion and corruption! (I know, it’s totally hard to believe!!)

But I’d like to give a warm appreciation for printing. If you think about it, colonialism only happened thanks to printing. clapping More people could read about his voyage and that brings about a huggee change in social structure and changes a nation.

Printing also brought about literacy, a wide nation’s ability to read. Only the high scholars would have known so in the past. And put it this way, there’s ‘no public education if there’s no literacy’. If majority of people were illiterate, how could public education be offered?? No-one would understand!!. SO thanks once again printing!!
Let’s all remember how grateful we are and thank the printing gods out there for its assemblage!!!