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30 Mar

It’s week 4 lovely people and this lecture didn’t delve too much into theories as much as they defined ‘theory’ hhaa! I thought it was funny 🙂

So anyways, I actually didn’t want to focus on the definitions and theories and practices, that’s boring and you we’re at the lecture, like you know what it’s about.

I wanted to go more into how like important archives are. And like me, I’d like to think most of you guys struggled with the concept of archives just as much as me!! :\

So what are archives? Well I think they’re like the behind-the-scenes folders storing memory and keeping things structured. Well here’s my examples: Table of contents, forum blogs, books, television program guides, brands of clothes, etc. YES. These are all archives!!! In fact, here’s a clearer BREAKDOWN of the function of archives 🙂

  1. Archives preserve things, as they iffily put it ‘technical memory’ (like my photos on instagram always make me nostalgic..or hungry :3)
  2. It is a form of content and expression (like the fact im clickin my camera and putting cutie pie pictures of my dog on instagram)
  3. It’s a form of distribution (like all my friends see my photos and I can be private if I want, it’s awesome publicity for restaurants too if you tag them)

An AWESOME dog (i DESIRE) instagrammed!

Now remember that fantasy sea sponge story they were telling in the lecture? Well the sea sponge applies to this list too. Any archive will! So remember to use this as your model if you get stuck on defining archives (because I sure will :\)

Basically what the sea sponge and my instagramming did, was pre-empt. Yes, pre-empt! What I’m saying is archiving can change the future, it has the power to influence possible actions like the fantasy of the sea sponge was kinda brought to reality with the possibility of archiving sound and hiding it for privacy. Maybe that’s what brought about this toy I have that records sound but only when you press the button hidden in it’s tshirt, will it replay it. (It’s mega cute)

Maybe the fact I upload so many dog photos have pre-empted a need for dog competitions or like cute dog clothes companies and more dog parks or restaurants! I hope so!

So can you guys now see how important and POWERFUL archiving is now? Archive fever is based around this where people go crazzy for archiving. This is the modern world and trust me, everyone’s obssessed with personalisation and organising their archives. Think about itunes playlists!! Let’s say as im writing this wordpress blog im archiving my itunes folders (omg i actually am btw). I’m trying to play some more calm like classical music and create a playlist with beethoven and those other classical guys and label the folder ‘study’.

This ‘technical memory’ definitely makes me feel in power but you know what, the power all came from the ability to archive!! Now whenever I study I just click that button on itunes and I’m set to go. So I guess we can say archiving structures data and controls provenance (in this iffy way the lecturer put it :P). In my terms, well think of it as YOU make what YOU want. My playlist is what I made and I wanted. Bam thats power for ya!

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 6.11.52 AM
Example of a playlist, my playlist….hurrhurrhurr..

So yeah this clear fact we archive and its so customized has so much potential and influence on our lives! Even the future of our lives! So guys pay importance to archiving because it can shape our futures too!

Peaceee out, love you all
Gabby xxxxxx

PS. have the greatest easter and mid-sem break lovelies ❤