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19 Apr

Okay guys lets get serious for once. I found this really hard to understand 😦 I mean simply put I understand yeah the commons is a place for sharing and collaboration for social needs, it makes everything free for everyone to change, code, and design. BUT, what I’m really struggling with…is it’s relation to attention. I dun comprehendoo!

I don’t really see how they connect..but I’m writing to let you know what I think it means, after millions and millions of reading and brain spasms I’ve journeeeyed across. Tell me if it’s wrong and like a common, we can work together and share our information to enhance each other’s knowledge and productivity ;D

So LETTUCE BEGIN (ahaha?:)

The commons. In many senses this concept seems so archaic. It’s like when the world first began, everything was free. Dinosaurs ate whatever they want and did whatever they wanted since it was all free. We operated on a basis of ‘free for all’ and were individuals inside a collective. By that I mean, we worked for our own desires and since everyone was doing it, it formed a society itself. What’s funny, is how we’ve kind of reverted back to that civilisation. Like as they put it, ‘return to the commons’. It’s like we developed and then somehow we got confused and did stupid things, now we want to go back.

My mini timeline ❤

Dinosaurs –> Cave men –> Political Supressors –> The Media Saavy –> Justin Bieber (Yes let’s go back, this is not called evolution! haha)

So what went wrong with the world? Well we put too many restrictions. After the dinosaurs we were all like ‘hey, lets be socialist and make everyone the same’. Then it was ‘hey, now everyones quality of life sucks and not just mine, whoops. Let’s be all capitalist and work for our money. No more freebies, we need money and you have to pay for our awesome ideas’. And now, thanks to technology’s push, its like ‘hey, everything’s not free and it can be..lets improve our lives so we can actually afford things and make society better at the same time. I demand a return to the commons!’

This return sounds hard didnt it? Well it probably was. All these small individuals fought for it and you bet they’re achieving it. People are realising that the read only culture limited creativity and could only be reached by a select amount of people who could afford it. Now a read/write culture promotes sharing information, we all work together to keep producing and using information which could only expand everyone’s horizons right? In fact, this increase in the amount of people allowed into the commons (since ANYONE can enter), could only mean more small firms can enter the market and even share their great discoveries with big firms. It’s a great society working together to improve oneself that consequently helps everyone 🙂

BUT DUN DUN DUN. Yeah guys its really hard you know, to keep a common. Because attention and distraction has proliferated (gone cray cray). From what I’ve read and what I’ve deduced, I think with more creativity, input and ideas, it seems like attention has become so much scarcer. Bringing in media convergence and interoperable netwroks, everything’s become messy and blurred the lines between what we can organise and control vs what information’s really being fed to us i.e. useless junk.

So guys, if we want THE COMMONS to rise up again, we need to be careful. We need to create appropriate attention systems like the one Howard Rheingold suggested (‘infotention’, turning info overload into knowledge navigation through awesome techno systems), because we’re too accustomed to habits of attention and distraction. But yes, ironically, this opens opportunities for innovation and organisation doesn’t it? When else would we get this opportunity to be creative in our attention and develop society 😛

So guys that concludes what my thoughts about commons and attention. I hope I’m getting it right, and sorry for this dodgy ass post. I want to be a teacher but looks like this blog is turning into a teach me blog. hahaha but you know, if you can explain it to me, then you’re helping yourself right! That’s why, I love the commons. ❤




15 Apr

Hello friends and pumped individuals 🙂 I’m so happy to be blogging again, once a week just isn’t enough! (I don’t want to get you guys sick of me hehe)

So, guys, remember like last week how I was talking about how some people go crazy with over personalising and playing with archives? well in today’s lecture it was clearllly pointed out it was ARCHIVE FEVER. (baby baby baby oooh like babeeh haha sorry couldnt help it :\)

People go totally cray cray over archives! And apparently they ‘rework’ experience. What does that mean? Well I guess theyre trying to say the wayyyys we archive shape our culture. You know, our experiences in life. For example like instagram I mentioned last week, we are obsessed. And the thing is, this obsession is changing the event itself into a new meaning…Think about it. At your dinner table with friends, everyones taking photos of the food. Is this still hanging out or some photo taking club??? It’s lost some meaning in the value of the food compared to how pretty it’ll look on instagram…Maybe even the value of the friend is gone 😦 me… 😥

SO please be careful about archive fever. It’s good because it conserves and I mean I love it still. Organises my life man. But please don’t be destructive with it…even though maybe…it’s inevitable….. :O

Gabby xxoxoxo mwah! PS. INFOTENTION. Just got to bring up that word 🙂