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30 Mar

It’s week 4 lovely people and this lecture didn’t delve too much into theories as much as they defined ‘theory’ hhaa! I thought it was funny 🙂

So anyways, I actually didn’t want to focus on the definitions and theories and practices, that’s boring and you we’re at the lecture, like you know what it’s about.

I wanted to go more into how like important archives are. And like me, I’d like to think most of you guys struggled with the concept of archives just as much as me!! :\

So what are archives? Well I think they’re like the behind-the-scenes folders storing memory and keeping things structured. Well here’s my examples: Table of contents, forum blogs, books, television program guides, brands of clothes, etc. YES. These are all archives!!! In fact, here’s a clearer BREAKDOWN of the function of archives 🙂

  1. Archives preserve things, as they iffily put it ‘technical memory’ (like my photos on instagram always make me nostalgic..or hungry :3)
  2. It is a form of content and expression (like the fact im clickin my camera and putting cutie pie pictures of my dog on instagram)
  3. It’s a form of distribution (like all my friends see my photos and I can be private if I want, it’s awesome publicity for restaurants too if you tag them)

An AWESOME dog (i DESIRE) instagrammed!

Now remember that fantasy sea sponge story they were telling in the lecture? Well the sea sponge applies to this list too. Any archive will! So remember to use this as your model if you get stuck on defining archives (because I sure will :\)

Basically what the sea sponge and my instagramming did, was pre-empt. Yes, pre-empt! What I’m saying is archiving can change the future, it has the power to influence possible actions like the fantasy of the sea sponge was kinda brought to reality with the possibility of archiving sound and hiding it for privacy. Maybe that’s what brought about this toy I have that records sound but only when you press the button hidden in it’s tshirt, will it replay it. (It’s mega cute)

Maybe the fact I upload so many dog photos have pre-empted a need for dog competitions or like cute dog clothes companies and more dog parks or restaurants! I hope so!

So can you guys now see how important and POWERFUL archiving is now? Archive fever is based around this where people go crazzy for archiving. This is the modern world and trust me, everyone’s obssessed with personalisation and organising their archives. Think about itunes playlists!! Let’s say as im writing this wordpress blog im archiving my itunes folders (omg i actually am btw). I’m trying to play some more calm like classical music and create a playlist with beethoven and those other classical guys and label the folder ‘study’.

This ‘technical memory’ definitely makes me feel in power but you know what, the power all came from the ability to archive!! Now whenever I study I just click that button on itunes and I’m set to go. So I guess we can say archiving structures data and controls provenance (in this iffy way the lecturer put it :P). In my terms, well think of it as YOU make what YOU want. My playlist is what I made and I wanted. Bam thats power for ya!

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 6.11.52 AM
Example of a playlist, my playlist….hurrhurrhurr..

So yeah this clear fact we archive and its so customized has so much potential and influence on our lives! Even the future of our lives! So guys pay importance to archiving because it can shape our futures too!

Peaceee out, love you all
Gabby xxxxxx

PS. have the greatest easter and mid-sem break lovelies ❤



23 Mar

Welcome to 3rd week girlls!

(and maybe guys?;)

Congrats for makin it this far and using your noggin’s to good use! SO proud of y’all!! clappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclappingclapping

So keep your thinking caps on as we take a deeper look into the history of print from this weeks lecture! (Sure it sounds borinngg, but, it was absolutely EPIC.)

The thing with printing, was that it kinda evolved so BOOM. From block printing in China, to scrolls (yes, SCROLLS!), bookshelves, codex (which is like the inclusion of contents and chapters and stuff), to ereaders and web3.0! It’s changed so much from the simplicity of writing and it’s hard to believe some cultures would still use the same block printing. When I went to India, henna, a red paste tattoo ink, was either done through block print or by hand. This just goes to show how significant and useful each printing form brought to life and it’s continued significance to our post-modern lives!! You’d think they’d have become obsolete 😉

Remember back in those days when we didn’t own a printer? Well that was probably when I was a baby and didn’t need one haha. But I still remember my first assignments in year 4 (i guess 2003) and the library was the still main source for ‘reliable’ references. I would take my mummy, drive to the local library, and find as many books as I could on my topic. It was tedious to go there but you know, there were some benefits compared to today’s easy access internet browsing! And in some ways, the past advances in printing have led to more confusion and corruption! (I know, it’s totally hard to believe!!)

But I’d like to give a warm appreciation for printing. If you think about it, colonialism only happened thanks to printing. clapping More people could read about his voyage and that brings about a huggee change in social structure and changes a nation.

Printing also brought about literacy, a wide nation’s ability to read. Only the high scholars would have known so in the past. And put it this way, there’s ‘no public education if there’s no literacy’. If majority of people were illiterate, how could public education be offered?? No-one would understand!!. SO thanks once again printing!!
Let’s all remember how grateful we are and thank the printing gods out there for its assemblage!!!


Let’s make things generally known!

17 Mar

Hey girrrlliess! 

So this was our second lecture of the year and I hope everyone could keep up with the lecturer! Because I sure struggled!

Nonetheless, I’ve got to hand it to him, this lecture was pretty interesting and kept my focus the whole way through. ohemgee right??

Basically, this lecture like focused on how many ways there are to make things generally known. It wasn’t so much a focus on the history of publishing like last week, but what significant publishing methods were successful and unsuccessful in doing.

Now this is the key point we all need to remember!!

Publishing must try and should aim to:

– Preserve things through space

– Preserve things through time

Thing is it’s harder than it looks to do both. Think about the past, writing methods were great at preserving information through space, particularly through printing which meant widespread distribution. But in time? Well think about it. Things disappear. The print writing like in newspapers, it can get ripped up by a dog or wet from the rain. The writing is so not permanent 😦

Now things like the stone circles. That’s publishing because it sends cultural messages to a generations and generations, it lasts a reaaaaallly long time, like they’re still there my god. But in terms of being preserved through space? Well you can’t move those massive giant stones you know? It’s not portable and only people who visit that landmark can really truly see it. Therefore the stones are not published well throughout space!

But despite all these ‘failures’ in publishing (well not failures because they’re really a show of great monumental advances for publishing I guess), look at the internet. A great publishing tool that travels through space and time! Wow, I feel like I’ve only just realised how much I under appreciate it. Look at me, I get all pissy when the internet’s slow or I run out of GB for the end of the months usage. Gosh. Atleast I’ve got it.

So apart from time and space, I guess publishing also wants to achieve clarity and be presentable. That’s why publishing kept developing to include hieroglyphics, the alphabet, pictures, tattoos, things that us people could respond to visually and stimulate some senses! But, thing is, we live in a world full of the abstract and conceptual. Back in the days when religion wanted to be portrayed more than the words “god”, people would try and draw him. But for someone like God how can you paint a picture on him?? Many other religions would argue otherwise, particularly when the picture collides with another conception like, for example, jesus looks like a hobo. You could say this is why writing still remains so powerful, these simple words all come together to describe something a picture couldnt without an unintended meaning. It unties itself from contexts and that’s why people would argue they’d rather read a book then watch the movie version. We are more involved in some ways with the book since it can be more abstract and objective at the same time. Abstract in the sense we leave the descriptions to push our imagination and objective in the sense the context of looking at famous actors and familiar settings on the screen don’t change our judgement of the true meaning behind the story.


Socrates argued against writing though and you know what, I disagree. He thought it was unnatural and not human. He argued it removes one from the context and is a form of disembodiment, compared to speech when your thinking as you speak and putting more emphasis on your memory capacity than let’s say writing a speech and difficult words down. It’s true, you wont memorise that words meaning as well as with interactive speech! But I think, without the invent of writing, we wouldn’t be holding so much information. Sure our capacity for memory is weakened but isn’t it in a way strengthened from all the knowledge gained by the boundless history learnt from writing and challenging thoughts? Now our memorys busing remembering all the knowledge weve learnt rather than remembering a specific phrase to heart. That’s my opinion.

Anyways whether orality or writing is better, the important things is we have both sides of the coin in this life. Thanks to media. We can actually read a lot from news online but also post videos on youtube for orality. Even writing, one flaw being its permanent errors, well through the internet we can change text through the backspace button and google docs which lets you edit as you please among several groups of people. It’s amazing isn’t it?

So until next week guys PEACEEEE ♥♥♥♥


9 Mar

So HeeeeeeeeeyyY GURLFRIENDSS.

This week we began ARTS 2090, Publics and Publishing. I hope everyone’s been having  fun!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

I’m soo, so, sooo surprised but I really like this course already. The lecturer is like a man and like he played heaps cool videos and stuff. Respect points up!

So obviously because its our first lecture, the topic was introducing us to the course. Woo! That meant not too much theory so I was happy 🙂 And pretty much I’d say these were the outlines:

  • To INTRODUCE and DEFINE publishing!

  • To ANALYSE the history and changing nature of publics and publishing!

So guys, let’s start with that definition. Publishing as I recall, is the act of making something public or generally known. How easy is that definition! REAL EASY!

Can you guys try memorising that too?? (I’ll be testing you guys later just you wait 😉 😉 )

Now, if you take a closer look at that definition, I noticed that one key word is the ‘OR”. Yeah, really it is! This is important because things can either be public OR simply generally known.

I’ll try giving you lovelies an example! ~

Let’s say I post a video on youtube (a beauty tutorial ofc) → Any youtuber can access it with the right tags → hence it is public to a global network.


since I have only just posted it, and have zero 😦 friends on youtube, it is not in any sense generally known (YET). Thereforeee since it is made public, even though its not generally know, its still an act of publishing!

Here’s another example! ~

I post a tumblr post with private settings so only some friends can see → Still accessible by friend groups on tumblr. → It is made generally known.


since the privacy settings mean not everyone can see it, my post’s not exactly public, but still it is a form of publishing!

Last example on this guys ~

If I posted a tumblr post with private settings so only I can see it → Yes, it is posted online but it’s not public to anyone. Neither does it make it generally known since no-one even knows it exists. –> Hence it is not published!!

Now hope that’s cleared up. These small nuances can really help you guys get an understanding of this course! If I’m wrong, please let me know, then I can learn from you guys too ♥♥

Anywayzz lets get on to the history of publishing.

I’m still shocked how many different forms of publishing platforms and devices their are. I didn’t even know some were publishing!

From the stone tablets…


Use of publishing in religion 
To the real tablets (not to mention including the capacity for ereaders)
Tablet for games
From smoke signals…
Fire to make smoke and alert a neighbourhood

To facebook status’s

Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 6.24.07 AM
'Important' facebook statuses

Even to dance performances and events!

Dance expression at a dinner table??


We can see how much publishing forms have developed in time can’t we :O

It’s pretty amazing. It can really differ from culture, religion, demographics, and the invent of new technologies!

So, according to Mcluhan and Fiore (1967: 81), ‘in the name of progress our official culture is striving to force the new media to do the work of the old.’ This theory reasons with how publishing methods in time must be improvIng over time…theoretically!!

what’s interesting to note’ well at least I thought was interesting, is how the shift from script to print did have drawbacks! Honestly the only o4 I could think of was wasting paper ‘ – But then I started thinking what is-a waste of paper? Advertisements, pamphlets, all the flayers thrown about, This was only achieved by the advent of printing-( well not ‘only’g’but was the significant device for sure). Then you think, hang on, we waste it because the content is garbage anyway LIGHT BULB! Printing helped not only mass production but more useless matter to scatter and be created. printing is so affor dable too… even I printed-my lecture-4 times accidently and quotes from Justin Bieber,..similarly imagine if l wrote somethin Scandalous,in the 1400’s . ok, it would reach a good few people but- with the invent of punting, my Scan dllous book could have affected a County through the copies & influenced a society i . eg. fifty Shades of grey. Yew.

Everyone would agree pnwmy was phenomenal progress for mankind but I just wanted to Keep in mind what it lost us. We now have laser pnht ‘ 3D model print, tablets, applications, web 3.0. H’s a new generation still to grow, excited! but wary Of what we may lose =)

Gabby ❤